About Kotigo

Kotigo, the pioneer Afro-centric Audiobook Platform is a dedicated audiobook platform created to avail diverse book readers with an alternative to traditional written literature materials and other related contents. The quest for total consumer satisfaction and facilitator gratification has brought us about the birth of Kotigo.

The platform is developed with focus on books and literature materials primarily by local authors as well as international contents. Audiobooks on Kotigo are narrated by professionals based on the content of each book; audiobooks are also available in local languages.

The Kotigo platform covers a wide range of book genres, some of which are Business, Family, Children literature, Religion, Finance, Fictions, Biographies and Memoirs, Academics, Relationships and Marriages, Professional, Politics and Nation building, Religion and many more. 

As a reader and an active learner, there is so much to gain from Kotigo audiobooks platform. It is easy to access and free! Download Kotigo mobile app and usher yourself into a world of knowledge with no hassles!